Launch of World Cafe Nashville

October 2016

When WXPN/Philadelphia launched a Nashville bureau as a Southern US hub from which to gather music and interviews for its NPR-distributed World Cafe program, I invited some of the major players in Nashville's music and media communities to a cocktail reception. During this event, attendees met WXPN/World Cafe staff and learned more about World Cafe from NPR and WXPN execs, and immediately following the reception, attended an exclusive solo performance and World Cafe interview with artist Eric Church. The new Nashville bureau and the event were the source of stories that ran in Billboard, Music Row magazine, and many others. NPR'S World Cafe celebrates 25th anniversary with launch of Nashville hub

Music Row:




Media relations for XPoNential Music Festival / WXPN

July 2016

Philadelphia public radio station WXPN held its 23rd summer music festival, the XPoNential Music Festival, from July 22-24, 2016. Media relations for the annual, three-day event, which features more than 30 artists on three stages at two adjacent venues in Camden, NJ and draws more than 25,000 attendees, starts in February and ramps up considerably as the event nears. This year, the festival took place shortly after WXPN reached a milestone 30,000 members, which was celebrated during the event. Some of the more than 150 press placements obtained include:

Aug. 25, 2016
Current. Org - Philadelphia’s WXPN reaches membership milestone

Aug. 9, 2016 - The best (and worst) of 2016’s summer festivals

July 29, 2016 - Philly’s XPN fest is station’s social media triumph

July 24, 2016 - No Messin’ Around at WXPN-FM Show

Baby Boomer Survey for MDVIP

December 2015

For LevLane client MDVIP, we helped develop the idea and questions for a nationwide baby boomer health survey, and vetted several research firms. We wanted to uncover how baby boomers felt about their current health and primary care, particularly in relation to their health needs and goals as they age. MDVIP press release:

Dec. 8, 2015
US News & World Report - Boomers, You Can Do Better Managing Your Health

Dec. 3, 2015
NY Daily News - Baby boomers not following basic health guidelines